by Chouchou from the Uzi Café

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In 2116, the land of Michigan is an island of resistance, surrounded by the North American Union. Despite their differences, standing up to the oppressive surveillance state is the first of two things Michigan's people agree on. The second is having a radio station that says and plays what it wants, when it wants. So they listen to MDMZ, and keep vigilant - militarizing the margins so that the interior stays healthy, free and peaceful.

1. Station Identification - 0:00
2. Catch Em In The Lakes - 0:24
3. Uzi Café Two - 1:34
4. Local Deconstruction - 3:39
5. Jungla 2 - 5:48
6. Refalconate - 7:26
7. I'm No Good - 9:10
8. The Seek Opus - 10:23
9. Pray No Storm - 13:42
10. Sickly Opinyon - 16:10
11. Elevated Train - 18:19
12. I Missed The Party - 20:39
13. Be Alert - 22:00
14. Signoff - 24:56


released October 25, 2011

Compiled October 15-20, 2011 by Chouchou Wagner, from individual tracks recorded between October 2007 and October 2011. All instrumentation, vocals, rhythms or sound clips programmed/created/produced/performed by Chouchou Wagner EXCEPT: Female vocals on Uzi Café Two performed by Alexandria Cummings. Radio request by IngSangHee. Rhythm on I'm No Good programmed/performed by Sage. Music/first verse/second hook on Pray No Storm written/programmed/performed by Tim Tackett Hi Fi. Female vocals on Sickly Opinyon performed by Sarah DeKett. Rhythm on I Missed The Party programmed/performed by Tim Tackett Hi Fi. Cover art by K. Byerley.




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